WhatsApp is considered the best application for initiating informal conversation among friends and family. Using WhatsApp for business is not a very old trend, but several businesses are loving it. Providing your customer support services through WhatsApp is always preferred. Nowadays, many people are adding WhatsApp chat to their website through a one-click feature. It is an application that is used by over 1 billion people in the world.

Considering the popularity of WhatsApp, it has become important to add it to websites. People take it as the most convenient way of chatting and messaging. The best part about WhatsApp is that it can now be used on the WhatsApp web through PCs. Therefore, WhatsApp website integration has now become important to give your website a formal look. Here you can know about the process of integrating WhatsApp chat on your wordpress website.

Integrate Plugin On WordPress-                                                   

You can follow the below-given steps for integrating WhatsApp chat on your wordpress website easily.

Step 1: check out the demo of building a widget that can provide you the WhatsApp button feature in your wordpress website. After that, you have to make the required modifications and choose the perfect layout according to your choice. Then, save this option and move further to the next step of integrating WhatsApp chat.

Step 2: you have received the code that you need to enter on the website. Then, you can use the tool for entering the code that you have copied and save the complete settings. The embedding of the WhatsApp widget is performed completely, and now you can enjoy the feature.

Several Whatsapp Plugins Available For The WordPress Website Are-

  • WP Social Chat

It is a feature that enables your customer to transfer directly on your WhatsApp contact number. A link is shown on your website, and if any customer clicks on it, they directly move to the WhatsApp conversation. Here, you are also given the feature of adding a welcome message that appears as the chat’s first message.

  • Click To Chat

It is a tax that can also contain a hyperlink shown above the footer on the website. By clicking on this option, a small chat box opens to save some default messages. It is an easier version of WhatsApp chat for your clients, as it is a one-click option. Click to chat option need not save any number or show any number for starting a conversation.

  • Add Chat Button

It is a customized version of the click to chat option that is available for different websites. Here the plugin contains a WhatsApp button that the developer can customize. Usually, people can use either a simple WhatsApp icon or a rectangular to customize the label. This is simply the enhanced version of click to chat that attracts a customer easily.

These are some of the superior options to integrate into your wordpress website. Providing great customer service can easily increase your business by gaining credibility for your website.

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