I am David Frazier founder and CEO of ISRIA. Welcome!

Well! It’s simple. ISRIA goes beyond the trends and what is conventionally considered to be cool in the real estate sector. Whether you are looking for a home, a temporary place to reside or a place to host your business, ISRIA has the answer.

Through this platform, I will share with you insights and simple tips I have learnt along the way on how to get the best value for money in real estate. I am neither a minimalist nor a spendthrift, I would rather not put myself in a box. What I focus on is value. How do I get the most value from the time and money that I invest in real estate? I discovered the answer to this and it will be my pleasure to share it with you through ISRIA.

I believe in the 20/80 rule – 20 per cent of effort should get you at least 80 per cent of the results. This is the same approach I apply in my real estate ventures and I am very excited to share this concept with you.

Join me in this journey.