How to Choose the Right HGH Dosage

Are you aware of the fact that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) starts declining after adolescence? Ultimately, human body stops producing new muscle cells. There’s a fixed amount of muscle cells for a body and this depends on the genetic disposition of each person. Nevertheless, the quantity of these muscle cells can be increased by using the right amount of HGH. Human growth hormone is preferred above steroids because of its potential benefits. Eventually, the genetic disposition of your body grows, leading to your desired muscle density. Therefore, proper dosage is vital for the HGH cycle to function properly.

HGH Doses Dictates the Potential Effects

IU (International Units) is used to measure the dose of Human Growth Hormone for ease of estimation because the exact milligram measurements and applications might prove to be impractical and complex. If anyone is looking for the exact maximum/minimum dosage details for HGH that won’t be possible since different bodies respond differently. The following details would help you achieve maximum benefits out of your HGH dosage:

Dosage for Bodybuilders:

(4-8 IU per day)

Generally, you should start with a low amount of HGH and then move toward higher doses; this would help you avoid side-effects like swelling and joint pains. In case you have taken a high dosage and are experiencing side effects, it is better to minimize or pause the usage for some time until you recover. HGH for sale by the link.

Dosage for Injury Recovery:

(4-16 IU per day)

If you get burnt or severely/mildly injured after an accident, this can be the right amount of dose. Just keep in mind not to go over this dose and only take it as per your doctor’s consultation.

Dosage for Slowing Signs of Aging:

(Up to 2 IU per day)

Up to 2 IU is recommended for reducing the signs of aging. However, you must avoid taking the HGH dose before going to bed. Prefer taking it in morning.

Dosage for Athletes:

(Up to 4 IU per day)

Athletes can take up to 4 IU a day to improve their performance and boost energy levels. In some cases, where the users are advanced, they might use up to 6 IU. But always keep the side-effects in mind.

Dosage for Weight Loss:

(Up to 2 IU per day)

The suggested dosage for weight loss is 2 IU a day, in the beginning. As soon as your body begins reacting to the usage of HGH without any side effects like nausea, you can gradually extend the dosage to 3 IU and finally to 4 IU per day.

Dosage for Women:

The HGH dosages for women and men vary. The exact dosage depends on an individual’s goals. Optimum levels are required to preserve stability and reliability, and tone and strengthen the body. Women can start with a low dosage of 2 IU per day and must not exceed 10 IU per day. Please consult with your physician before you decide to take any HGH injection.

You may need to persistently use it to get your desired results; it is not something that can give you results in a day or a week. Buy only from a reliable source and do not use it without your physician’s recommendation.

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