What Countries Allow Legal Growing Of Cannabis?

Cannabis can be grown at home just like you would any other plant, but the reason most people grow it indoors is that it’s still illegal in many parts of the world. Yes, several countries have legalized cannabis, but the laws are uncertain when it comes to cultivating cannabis in your own backyard. Surely, marijuana is gaining acceptance, but patients suffering from various illnesses are still not sure.

People seeking to use cannabis for medicinal purposes would be better off growing their own cannabis because it eliminates dependency and contamination. By just gathering a few equipment including the best LED Grow Lights, soil, fertilizers, and seeds, it’s possible to grow some of the most amazing buds. It can be intimidating, but it’s very easy once you understand how it all works. If you want to grow cannabis, it’s important to know if it’s legal, so let’s take a look at the counties that allow people to grow cannabis legally.

  • North Korea

North Korea has extremely strict rules, but the country has managed to surprise everyone with their rules on cannabis. Not only can users consume/smoke cannabis, but you can also grow as much marijuana as your heart desires. It’s pretty strange, considering that the country has some really weird rules. For instance, one can’t watch TV shows of South Korea and failure to abide by the rules will result in execution! No kidding!

  • Canada

Canada has opened its arms to cannabis and it’s legal to use cannabis in the country. It’s also legal to grow cannabis as long you obtain a certificate from Health Canada. Remember that you can only grow small amounts and it’s strictly allowed only at home.

So, now that you know that you can indeed grow some tasty, resinous marijuana, are you wondering just how much is okay? Well, that depends on your physician’s prescription. If growing indoors, you can cultivate about 5 plants while the storage limit is about 225 grams. When growing outdoors, you’re allowed to grow only 2 plants and store 750 grams. If you want to grow both indoors and outdoors, you can grow 4 plants indoors and 1 plant outdoors and store 375 grams.

  • The United States

The United States has legalized cannabis in many states, but it has strict laws regarding cultivation and they differ from one state to another. For example, while Alaska, Colorado, and California allow 6 plants per person, Arizona tolerates up to 21 plants and states like Connecticut and Delaware completely prohibit cultivation at home.

  • Germany

Germany has taken several steps to show that they are indeed accepting marijuana as a medicinal plant. Although growing cannabis at home was legalized in 2014, the country is taking a lot more initiative to reform laws surrounding medical cannabis.

  • Jamaica

Jamaica – home to one of the most famous musicians in the world – is also allowing cultivation of marijuana at home now. Bob Marley never abused marijuana or smoked only for recreational purposes; in fact, he used it as a sacred herb and believed in the Rastafari religion. Even today, followers of the religion use it strictly for religious purposes. Marijuana is certainly accepted in all forms including recreational and medicinal in Jamaica but cannabis users can only grow about 5 plants.

  • Mexico

Mexico allowed about 5 grams of marijuana per person until an 8-year-old changed the way the country viewed cannabis. Graciela Elizalde, a girl suffering from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome used CBD oil to gain relief from her seizures and Mexico began changing laws involving marijuana. Today, one can grow and smoke cannabis in Mexico.

There are many countries where cannabis is legalized, yet the laws for growing marijuana are as clear as muddy water. Hopefully, the laws will change soon and cannabis is made legal to smoke, consume and grow in every part of the world.

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