How to Choose the Right HGH Dosage

Are you aware of the fact that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) starts declining after adolescence? Ultimately, human body stops producing new muscle cells. There’s a fixed amount of muscle cells for a body and this depends on the genetic disposition of each person. Nevertheless, the quantity of these muscle cells can be increased by using the right amount of HGH. Human growth hormone is preferred above steroids because of its potential benefits. Eventually, the genetic disposition of your body grows, leading to your desired muscle density. Therefore, proper dosage is vital for the HGH cycle to function properly.

HGH Doses Dictates the Potential Effects

IU (International Units) is used to measure the dose of Human Growth Hormone for ease of estimation because the exact milligram measurements and applications might prove to be impractical and complex. If anyone is looking for the exact maximum/minimum dosage details for HGH that won’t be possible since different bodies respond differently. The following details would help you achieve maximum benefits out of your HGH dosage:

Dosage for Bodybuilders:

(4-8 IU per day)

Generally, you should start with a low amount of HGH and then move toward higher doses; this would help you avoid side-effects like swelling and joint pains. In case you have taken a high dosage and are experiencing side effects, it is better to minimize or pause the usage for some time until you recover. HGH for sale by the link.

Dosage for Injury Recovery:

(4-16 IU per day)

If you get burnt or severely/mildly injured after an accident, this can be the right amount of dose. Just keep in mind not to go over this dose and only take it as per your doctor’s consultation.

Dosage for Slowing Signs of Aging:

(Up to 2 IU per day)

Up to 2 IU is recommended for reducing the signs of aging. However, you must avoid taking the HGH dose before going to bed. Prefer taking it in morning.

Dosage for Athletes:

(Up to 4 IU per day)

Athletes can take up to 4 IU a day to improve their performance and boost energy levels. In some cases, where the users are advanced, they might use up to 6 IU. But always keep the side-effects in mind.

Dosage for Weight Loss:

(Up to 2 IU per day)

The suggested dosage for weight loss is 2 IU a day, in the beginning. As soon as your body begins reacting to the usage of HGH without any side effects like nausea, you can gradually extend the dosage to 3 IU and finally to 4 IU per day.

Dosage for Women:

The HGH dosages for women and men vary. The exact dosage depends on an individual’s goals. Optimum levels are required to preserve stability and reliability, and tone and strengthen the body. Women can start with a low dosage of 2 IU per day and must not exceed 10 IU per day. Please consult with your physician before you decide to take any HGH injection.

You may need to persistently use it to get your desired results; it is not something that can give you results in a day or a week. Buy only from a reliable source and do not use it without your physician’s recommendation.

How The Concept Tiny House Accepted By The Society

The tiny house is a revolutionary concept allowing people to choose their own living space, which might considerably reduce the cost of investment for a dwelling when compared to the big houses.  The small homes can construct in all shapes and forms, and the critical point is it offers a comfortable living condition with all essential modern amenities without compromising on luxury aspects.

These houses do accommodate every other basic utilities humans required for a comfortable living. For example, one can generate electricity, store water, and live without paying any rent or utility bills by living in these houses. It’s more about freedom from debt and about having the essential economic freedom to enjoy living a better life, rather than paying out big cash bills for no reasons.

What made the society accept the concept of a tiny house?

The Tiny House Movement initially started from the United States, when many people start hearing the music of recession and when many even lost their homes due to natural calamities. We, humans, are living in an environment of uncertain weather conditions, which force us to get to adapt to the realities and live according to it. This was the main reason behind people and NGOs started accepting the idea of tiny houses for sale in colorado, and the movement started.  With such declining economic conditions and social turmoil, these small homes shall be the solution for people who are desperately in need of a debt-free shelter.

The interior and other possibilities:

Most of the tiny houses shall be measured about 2.4 x 5 meters, and they come with a living area, kitchen, sleeping loft and a bathroom.  A small house also can mount on a trailer and can quickly move to any desired location when in demand.  A movable small trailer house does not require a permanent title to construct the house.  A small parking space would be sufficient, which makes more convenient for people, who love to live in a different location as they wish to live.  Another plus point is, you will find it easy to build self-sufficient homes without depending on public power grid system.

The tiny house interior design shall make use of the maximum available space, with extreme comfort for the people living inside. Without extra space, the occupants are very much less inclined to accumulate with possessions, which they are not really in need. By eliminating the clutter, the rooms shall look and feel bigger for real.

A small home means, one tends to spend less time to clean and maintain it than a big house. It takes only a few minutes to clean the entire space of the home, and one can spend quality time with their family members instead of vacuuming the house for hours.

Not every neighborhood would welcome such tiny houses at first, but, when they get to know and visit the house in person, they shall realize that it’s the future of living space for humans.

Stay united:

The tiny houses are all about living and staying united with family members and organizing things smartly. A living space should never define the happiness that runs in the family. It’s all about making use of the freedom and building a house that can meet up with your basic needs, and not what the society would rank you with the way you live.

With the recent word of mouth about tiny houses, many people have already started to search and get to know about the theme. The future generation shall learn from these small house movements and be grateful to the concept and will enjoy the freedom of living in a humble dwelling. A living space can define freedom and solve the problem in many ways, and it can be done only by living in a tiny house. Once you mold your conscious to accept the concept, you can find happiness the way how you wish to live.

What are the Fastest Growing Mattress Companies?

Buying a mattress is one of the hardest customer experiences across the globe. However, some companies have tried to improve it. Buying mattress is not like buying any other product but since the introduction of the online stores or markets, things have changed. A consumer can now go online and choose his or her best mattress based on the needs and budget.

Online business has grown fast for past few years and has a potential to make mattress industries multi-billion-dollar market. However, with many mattress companies joining the online market, online market for mattresses has become more competitive. Below is a list of the fastest growing mattress companies:

  1. Casper mattress company

Casper is not the first company to sell mattresses online when it was first launched in 2013, but it has gained a lot of popularity after attracting venture capital funding. Statistics show that Casper was able to surpass its revenues of 200 million dollars in 2016 only. At first, Casper began as a mattress manufacturing and selling company before it moved into sheets and pillows. The company started selling mattresses at a price of $950 but currently they are selling dog mattresses at a cost of about $125. After making it a pet-product company, the company is still growing rapidly and they are looking forward to make more new products.

  1. Purple Mattress Company

This is another fastest growing mattress company located in the United States. The company is known for development of a patented gel which was licensed and has been used in manufacturing of comfort mattresses for years. The company was founded in 2016 when they were able to assemble their hyperelastic polymer into a mattress that was sold directly to consumers at a price of $999. The growth of this company was facilitated by the crowdfunding campaign and a viral marketing video designed by Harmon Brothers. In addition to mattresses, the company is now manufacturing sheets from stretchy bamboo and pillows from the same purple gel. The company revenue is expected to surpass $200 million by the end of 2017.

  1. Tuft and Needle Company

This is a company that was launched in 2012 when founders discovered they could sell a foam mattress directly to consumers at a price of $300. Right now, the company is selling their mattresses at a low price of $600 for a queen mattress which is cheap compared to its competitors. With minimal marketing, the company’s revenue stood at $100 million in 2016, and is expected to be above $150 in 2017. The company gained much popularity when they first made a pillow that was going for $100. After they realized they had overpriced the product, they lowered the price to $25 and refunded cash to consumers who had earlier bought the pillow at $100. By the way, this company seems to make the best mattress for side sleepers.

  1. Leesa Mattress Company

Leesa is a company that produces 3rd generation mattresses which feature three layers made of foam with a queen selling at price of $940. It is a company that produces best mattress compared to its competitors. As if that is not enough, the company has a social impact strategy where one mattress is donated after every 10 sells. Statistics show that the company has donated more than 10,000 mattresses since the strategy was launched. Leesa Company is fast growing and its revenues are expected to surpass $150 million this year an increase from $80 million in 2016.

  1. Saatva Mattress Company

This is an online mattress company which is well known for its luxury mattresses. The company was first launched in 2010 and now sells mattresses giving you three options based on the price. Their mattress prices range from $999 for a medium sized mattress to $1,899 for a queen. The company’s national advertisement is expected to raise the revenues to about $220 million. However, the company’s major target is to become a $1 billion company.

What Countries Allow Legal Growing Of Cannabis?

Cannabis can be grown at home just like you would any other plant, but the reason most people grow it indoors is that it’s still illegal in many parts of the world. Yes, several countries have legalized cannabis, but the laws are uncertain when it comes to cultivating cannabis in your own backyard. Surely, marijuana is gaining acceptance, but patients suffering from various illnesses are still not sure.

People seeking to use cannabis for medicinal purposes would be better off growing their own cannabis because it eliminates dependency and contamination. By just gathering a few equipment including the best LED Grow Lights, soil, fertilizers, and seeds, it’s possible to grow some of the most amazing buds. It can be intimidating, but it’s very easy once you understand how it all works. If you want to grow cannabis, it’s important to know if it’s legal, so let’s take a look at the counties that allow people to grow cannabis legally.

  • North Korea

North Korea has extremely strict rules, but the country has managed to surprise everyone with their rules on cannabis. Not only can users consume/smoke cannabis, but you can also grow as much marijuana as your heart desires. It’s pretty strange, considering that the country has some really weird rules. For instance, one can’t watch TV shows of South Korea and failure to abide by the rules will result in execution! No kidding!

  • Canada

Canada has opened its arms to cannabis and it’s legal to use cannabis in the country. It’s also legal to grow cannabis as long you obtain a certificate from Health Canada. Remember that you can only grow small amounts and it’s strictly allowed only at home.

So, now that you know that you can indeed grow some tasty, resinous marijuana, are you wondering just how much is okay? Well, that depends on your physician’s prescription. If growing indoors, you can cultivate about 5 plants while the storage limit is about 225 grams. When growing outdoors, you’re allowed to grow only 2 plants and store 750 grams. If you want to grow both indoors and outdoors, you can grow 4 plants indoors and 1 plant outdoors and store 375 grams.

  • The United States

The United States has legalized cannabis in many states, but it has strict laws regarding cultivation and they differ from one state to another. For example, while Alaska, Colorado, and California allow 6 plants per person, Arizona tolerates up to 21 plants and states like Connecticut and Delaware completely prohibit cultivation at home.

  • Germany

Germany has taken several steps to show that they are indeed accepting marijuana as a medicinal plant. Although growing cannabis at home was legalized in 2014, the country is taking a lot more initiative to reform laws surrounding medical cannabis.

  • Jamaica

Jamaica – home to one of the most famous musicians in the world – is also allowing cultivation of marijuana at home now. Bob Marley never abused marijuana or smoked only for recreational purposes; in fact, he used it as a sacred herb and believed in the Rastafari religion. Even today, followers of the religion use it strictly for religious purposes. Marijuana is certainly accepted in all forms including recreational and medicinal in Jamaica but cannabis users can only grow about 5 plants.

  • Mexico

Mexico allowed about 5 grams of marijuana per person until an 8-year-old changed the way the country viewed cannabis. Graciela Elizalde, a girl suffering from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome used CBD oil to gain relief from her seizures and Mexico began changing laws involving marijuana. Today, one can grow and smoke cannabis in Mexico.

There are many countries where cannabis is legalized, yet the laws for growing marijuana are as clear as muddy water. Hopefully, the laws will change soon and cannabis is made legal to smoke, consume and grow in every part of the world.

Thing You Need To Ask Yourself before Buying a Mattress

A mattress comes with different sizes and weight density. It is important that you know the measurement before you’re going to buy a new one. Technically, there are things that you need to consider first prior to investing for a new bed mattress. Ideally, you have to search for that particular mattress but you need to ask yourself before buying a mattress.

Here are the following questions that can help you determine your kind of mattress to buy.

  1. what size of the mattress?

Indeed, buying a mattress can be mentally challenging. You are not only focusing to the price point but also the quality if the mattress. This also includes the size, materials and densities. It is important that you are able to measure your ideal type of bed mattress. If you happened to have an existing bed frame, measure it a little bigger instead of its exact measurement.

Consider the length, width and depth so you would know what bed mattress to order. Terms of choosing for a mattress such as twin size, twin extra long size, full size mattress, queen size mattress and king size mattress. Choose effectively if you’re sleeping alone or with a partner. One of the most important things is to choose the best mattress.

  1. how firm do you need for the mattress?

There are five types of bed mattresses that you can choose in terms of firmness and softness such as the following.

Innerspring- most common type of bed mattress that are usually purchased by consumers. This contains coils which makes it very sellable to the market.

Foam- there are three types under this category and these are the latex, memory gel and polyurethane. Each of these differs according to density, support and heat retention. Of course, it also comes with different price range.

Hybrid- this is basically the newest edition of bed mattresses that is made of innerspring coil and a specialty type of foam. This mattress offers great contour, support and are cost effective if purchased alone.

Adjustable- this is a type of mattress that is known for its expensive prices. These beds are mainly used in the hospitals because it comes with health benefits especially those that are having bone issues.

  1. how would you know its the best mattress?

Knowing that there are so many types of mattresses to choose and it would be difficult to seek for the best one. The best would come with the following:

  • weight is evenly distributed
  • motion transfer is minimized
  • conforms to the curves and contour of the body
  • regulates the temperature of the body
  • good quality constructions which also includes stitching
  • It have a reinforced edges

All of these and more must fall under the category that you think would best suit your style, comfort and convenience.

  1. how much are you willing to spend for a mattress?

it is always good to know how much your budget for every investment you’d like to have and to achieve a healthier lifestyle is one thing that you should consider above all.

A good mattress does affect your health and if you are putting importance to it, you will be able to buy the kind of mattress that will suit you the most.



Why real estate is so expensive

Based on current real estate statistics, houses today are more expensive than they were a couple of years back. For instance, the average price of a house in 1940 was about $30,000 however, today the same house goes for about $119,000. Crazy! Right. So you are actually not imagining that the cost of owning a home has gone up, it is a reality.

So why is real estate so damn expensive? Here’s why.

#The law of supply and demand

Just like any other market, the real estate sector is not exempt from the laws of supply and demand. As populations increase, so does the demand for housing which is actually a basic human need. This demand has resulted in an increase in price of housing. The situation becomes more compounded because houses are not being built fast enough meaning that this is a problem that is likely to persist for a while.

#The complexities of zoning and development

When it comes to real estate, the price of a property is not only determined by the property itself but also by the environment in which the property stands. For instance, construction of amenities such as schools, hospitals, new electrical substations, shopping malls, just to name a few tends to impact property value. These are some of the things home owners need to be aware of always.

#The complexity of rent control

Many people believe that introduction of rent control in real estate is the answer to rising real estate costs however, economists and politicians are almost in consensus that this only serve to restrict supply and make prices even higher. Their argument is that it’s not a solution that can result in good long-term benefits to the real estate sector. Generally, rent control tends to result in rationing which often does not favor those who need it most instead it favors the most well-connected. In essence, rent control is mainly going to benefit higher income earners than the average city dweller.

#Economic inequality is a major contributor

Economic inequality can actually be considered to be the ultimate contributor to high cost of property in the real estate sector. Many cities are characterized by segregation of housing in terms of socio-economic lines. The gap between the social classes tends to be too high making it difficult Individuals in a lower class to compete with those of a higher class. Unfortunately, service providers will price their services in favor of those with a higher purchase power and this is what is plaguing the real estate sector. Houses and other properties are priced in such a way that only the economically advantaged can afford them.

In in all, a broader conversation between real estate investors, governments and economist is needed to formulate a way forward that will benefit the average citizen.

Why middle class Americans sell their big houses to buy tiny house


I recently spent the weekend with one of my former college buddies who is currently an accountant. The first reason this is significant is because he is your typical middle class American and secondly he had just moved into his second home which is much smaller than the first one he owned. I found it interesting as to how often he kept professing his love for his smaller house. This wasn’t surprising at all because I have noted that it is a phenomenon that is taking over the American real estate sector. More and more middle class Americans are moving from their bigger houses into much smaller ones. In this article, I seek to establish the reasons for this trend.

#There seems to be a shift in priorities for professionals

It was a common trend for young middleclass American professionals to want to upgrade their lifestyles whenever they moved to a higher pay grade. The often felt that their choices in real estate reflected their new status. Today however, this urge to impress others by showing your success through the things you own seems to be fading away.

#Home owners are beginning to make more informed decisions

If you ask anyone what qualifies as the home of their dreams, they will say the bigger the better. This is of course a response by someone who has not have a proper understanding of real estate. Middle class Americans are beginning to become more knowledgeable on issues of real estate and this is influencing their decision of moving into smaller homes. Bigger homes come with so much utility and overall maintenance costs therefore, within a short time your ‘dream home’ turns into a financial headache for you. With this knowledge, home owners learn that they would be more comfortable in a smaller home.

#Smaller homes have less debt and less risk

The beauty about real estate is that there are various online sources to guide you in terms of budgeting before you dive into a financial hole you cannot get out of. You can be able to assess how much you can afford to invest in real estate based on your net income, savings and current debt, which you use to calculate and know whether you can afford the monthly mortgage payments. When you do this math, you quickly realize that smaller homes carry much less risk and debt in comparison to larger homes.

#Smaller homes have less environmental impact

Environmental campaigns have become so successful that a number of middle class Americans are increasingly becoming more conscious about playing their role in environmental protection. Generally, larger homes require more resources and building material which means putting more pressure on the environment. Home owners therefore opt for much smaller homes which will require less resources and building material.

#Smaller homes are easier to re-sell

When moving into your home, generally you are never thinking that one day you will need to sell it. However, one of the rules of real estate investment is that your home is actually an investment. Therefore it is wise to have this in mind as you are purchasing a home. Based on market trends, it is much easier to sell as small home as opposed to a large one and this is something more and more middle class American home owners are becoming aware of.